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Scale your engineering team

We're a team of full-stack Javascript engineers that can make your backlog move faster.

No meetings, no hourly billing.
Fixed price for unlimited tickets.

We just ask you write concise tickets and we'll finish them on time.

Our customers include:

And our process is dead simple:

  1. Add us to your respository as a collaborator: we use Github or Gitlab
  2. Assign us tickets: we'll use whatever project management tool you're using (e.x. Trello, Jira, etc.)
  3. Review & approve pull/merge requests: we're happy to refactor code or change things up (within reason) based on your feedback

Our service can't work if we don't deliver - here's what our customers say about us.

  • Zette's founder & CEO, Yehong Zhu, says:
    "Ifdev is a force multiplier for our engineering team, our backlog has moved much faster than before."

  • Launch House's co-founder, Michael Houck, says:
    "Ifdev has been an incredibly thoughtful partner who builds for the longterm but can also move fast to get the job done with a tight deadline. Expect a high quality bar."

  • Pigeon Loans' co-founder, Brian Bristol, says:
    "Ifdev has done amazing work for us thus far - we really think they are badass coders!"


Unlimited tickets (all things Javascript)

4,000 USD per month = either frontend or backend

5,000 USD per month = full-stack

*We'll send you an email on how to add us to your code base and pm tool right after payment.

And if you have any questions or would like to chat, send us an email here.

Cheerio :)

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